Sculpting In Blender For Beginners

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Sculpting In Blender For Beginners

Important **

*** NEW UPDATE: The course is now Version 1.3, with a new 5th package for Blender 2.8 and a 6th package with Blender 2.9! These packages are not mentioned in the video promo, you can find information on them further down.

***For the best experience, if you are unfamiliar with Blender it is recommended to follow the course using the same Blender versions used in this course, you can switch back to the latest version once you are done following the course.***

*** Check the video promo for an in-depth look on what to expect from the course. Some of the content for this particular one is both in the course and on the channel, there is also exclusive content to only those who get this course. This is all explained in this video: 

Sculpting is one of the most artistic and creative skill to have as an artist, allowing you to create characters from your imagination, or from your favorite concept artist.

This course will allow you to have the necessary knowledge to get started, even if you have never used Blender before, taking you from the basics for beginners, to sculpting a stylized face, a bonus tutorial on hand painting realistic skin, and a 30 minute commentary on sculpting Evie with the full 5 hour raw recording of the sculpt + scene files (read below)

This course contains 6 tutorial packages (Version 1.3):

Package 1 - Introduction To Sculpting In Blender: 

23 Video Tutorials WITH AUDIO (≈ 1H30 Total)! 
- Blend / OBJ Files

Package 2 - Sculpting A Stylized Male Face:

- Video Tutorial WITH AUDIO (≈ 1H30 Total)!
- ≈ 3 Hours of Real Time Recording (Sculpting The Head - No Audio)
- Blend Files with Character / Textures / Materials / Lighting
- OBJ files of the final result, for anyone who doesn't use Blender.
- Hi-rez renders of the final result.

Package 3 - Texturing And Rendering Realistic Skin:

- Video Tutorials WITH AUDIO (≈ 0H30 Total)!
- Blend File Of The Skin / Textures / Materials

Package 4 (NEW) - Sculpting Evie:

- Blend/OBJ File Of Evie
- Hi-rez Renders
- ≈ 30 Mins Time-Lapse With Commentary (Full Sculpt Sped Up)
- ≈ 5H of Real Time Recording (Sculpting Evie - No Audio)

Package 5 (NEW) - Sculpting In Blender 2.8 Update:

- A look at Blender 2.8, some of the changes and setting up a sculpting work-space in Blender 2.8. (≈ 0H50 Total)!

- Sculpting a Demon Head in Blender 2.8 WITH AUDIO in Real Time (≈ 1H35 Total)!
- Blend/FBX File Of Demon Head

Package 6 (NEW) - Sculpting In Blender 2.9 Update:

- Sculpting using Remesh in Blender 2.9 (≈ 0H20 Total)!

Current Course Updates:

v1.1: Added Package 4 (Sculpting Evie)
v1.2: Added Package 5 (Sculpting In Blender 2.8 Update)
v1.3: Added Package 6 (Sculpting in Blender 2.9 Update)

Note: The price is excluding VAT, VAT price will depend on your country (you might not have any VAT depending on where you live)

* If you ever encounter an issue with the downloads, files, or have any questions related to this course, contact me on my email " ". I will resolve the issue ASAP :)

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Sculpting In Blender For Beginners

333 ratings
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