Introduction to 3D Modeling - Blender Beginner Course - New Update! (V1.1)

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Updates Log:

23/03/2023: V1.0 - Course Released on Gumroad
20/10/2023: V1.1 - Major Update! Chapter 6 "Modeling Tedflix" (+6 hours of content + Blend files).


3D Modeling can be complex, especially for complete beginners, yet it is the first step to the amazing world of 3D Art. Even if you have never used a 3D program in you life, this course will take you through, step by step, everything you need to know to commence your 3d journey. You will learn how to use Blender, how to use a 3D program, how to navigate the program's UI, the 3d space, and learn a great number of tools in Blender for 3d modeling.

In this course I will not only show you how to do 3d model, but also teach you a strong foundation and understanding of 3D modeling, including 3D terminology, topology and retopology, how things work, why they work a certain way, and how to tackle many different situations in 3d modeling.

I have put my many years of experience both with 3D art and teaching to this one ultimate introduction course to 3D Modeling in Blender, and I take pride and joy in releasing it and can't wait for you to join in and start learning!

* FAQ at the end of this page
**If you have any issues or questions please email me at

Course Key Points:

- 21 Hours of Content. (Since the V1.1 update)
- Introduction to Blender.
- Introduction to 3d modeling.
- Improve your understanding of 3d modeling, topology, and more.
- Modeling exercises with 3d reference provided.
- English Subtitles.
- Much more!


Buckle up, there is quite a lot of content in this course (15+ hours of recorded tutorials), here is a summary of what to expect:

Chapter 00 - Start Here (txt files)

  1. Read Me (txt file)
  2. Installing Subtitles (txt file)
  3. Table of Contents (txt file)

Chapter 01 - The First Steps (≈ 1H23 Total)

  1. Introduction to the 3D Modeling Course

    - Your Instructor
    - Blender Version
    - Subtitles
    - Table of Contents
    - Pace of Contents
    - How to Follow the Course
    - VLC and Using Subtitles
    - Conclusion
  2. 3D Modeling Initiation + (Scene Blend Files)

    - Intro
    - Download and Install Blender
    - Load Factory Settings
    - Blender's User Interface
    - Blender's 3D Viewport
    - Frame Selected
    - Select
    - Move, Rotate and Scale
    - Vertices, Edges and Scale
    - Extrude and Inset
    - Preparing the Blend Scene
    - Modeling a Sword
    - Next Step

Chapter 02 - Introduction to Blender (≈ 1H09 Total)

  1. Blender

    - What is Blender
    - How to Download Blender
  2. Blender Interface

    - Blender UI Overview
    - Understanding Blender's UI
    - Main Header
    - Workspace, Windows and Editor Types
    - Status Bar
    - Blender Preferences
    - Load Factory Settings
  3. Workspace, 3D Viewport, Outliner and Properties

    - Creating a Basic Workspace
    - 3D Viewport Overview
    - 3D Viewport Header
    - 3D Viewport Toolbar
    - 3D Viewport Sidebar
    - Editing a Workspace
    - Outliner Overview
    - Properties Overview
  4. 3D Space Navigation

    - 3D VS 2D Space
    - Perspective VS Orthographic View
    - Navigation with Gizmos
    - Navigation with a Mouse
    - Changing Auto Perspective
    - Navigation in a 3D Space Tips

Chapter 03 - Introduction to Modeling in Blender (≈ 5H53 Total)

  1. Introduction to 3D Modeling in Blender

    - What is 3D Modeling
    - Modeling VS Sculpting
    - Hotkeys and Speed
    - Quick Favorites
    - Search Bar
  2. Interaction Modes in Blender

    - Object Interaction Modes
    - Pie Menu
    - Object Mode VS Edit Mode Transform
  3. Edit Mode in Blender

    - Edit Mode: Header Overview
    - Edit Mode: Context Menu Overview
    - Toolbar Overview
  4. Modeling in Blender - Basics

    - Selecting in Blender
    - Move / Rotate / Scale
    - Precise Shift
    - Duplicate / Copy / Paste / Delete
    - Redo / Undo / History
    - Blender Cursor
    - Adding Primitive Shapes
    - Origin Point
    - Vertices, Edges and Faces
    - Advanced Selection
    - Advanced Delete
    - Show/Hide
    - Normals
    - Transform Orientations
    - Transform Pivot Point
    - Snap During Transform
    - Duplicate Linked
    - Join and Separate
  5. Modeling Primary Toolset

    - What is a Primary Modeling Toolset
    - Extrude
    - Inset
    - Bevel
    - Loopcut
  6. Modeling Secondary Toolset

    - What is a Secondary Modeling Toolset
    - Merge
    - Fill Faces
    - Subdivide
    - Rip Vertices
    - Bridge
    - Knife Tool
    - Edge and Vertex Slide
  7. Modifiers in Blender - Basics

    - Introduction to Modifiers
    - Modifiers Basics
    - Generate Modifiers
    - Array Modifier
    - Bevel Modifier
    - Decimate Modifier
    - Mirror Modifier
    - Solidify Modifier
    - Subdivision Surface Modifier
    - Multiresolution Modifier
    - Deform Modifier
    - Curve Modifier
    - Lattice Modifier
    - Shrinkwrap Modifier
    - Zipper with Modifiers
  8. Curves in Blender - Basics

    - Introduction to Curves
    - Curve Types
    - Curve Geometry
    - Curve Shape
    - Curves Toolset and Context Menu
  9. Introduction to Topology

    - What is Topology
    - Why is Topology Important
    - Topology Tips and Advice
    - When is Topology Not Important
  10. Introduction to Retopology

    - What is Retopology
    - Generated VS Manual Topology
    - How to Retopologize in Blender
    - Retopology Demonstration with Tips

Chapter 04 - Beginner Modeling Exercises (≈ 1H49 Total)

  1. Modeling a Barrel + (Scene Blend Files)

    - Modeling a Barrel
  2. Modeling a Soda Can + (Scene Blend Files)

    - Modeling a Soda Can
  3. Modeling a Coffee Mug + (Scene Blend Files)

    - Modeling a Coffee Mug

Chapter 05 - Intermediate Modeling Exercises (≈ 5H20 Total)

  1. Modeling a Ladder + (Scene Blend Files)

    - Modeling a Ladder
  2. Modeling a Treasure Chest + (Scene Blend Files)

    - Modeling a Treasure Chest
  3. Modeling a Low Poly Car + (Scene Blend Files)

    - Modeling a Low Poly Car

Chapter 06 - Advanced Modeling Exercises (≈ 6H21 Total)

  1. Modeling Tedflix + (Scene Blend Files) >> Updated from assignment to a full 6h21m tutorial in V1.1 <<


What level is best suited to follow the course?

Complete beginners to 3d will benefit the most, but it is suitable for beginners and intermediate 3d artists who would like to improve their understanding of 3d modeling, Blender and other aspects taught in my course.

The pace of the course might be a bit slow for the intermediate artist who already knows Blender, in that case the videos can be sped up to suit your level (free media programs like VLC have that option)

It is also suitable for 3D artists who are coming from a different 3d package, since I teach Blender's UI, basics, fundamentals and it's modeling tools as well.

Why make a 3d Modeling course as a Digital Sculptor?

Good question. I am known mostly for my sculpting on my YouTube channel With over 500k subscribers, and many students throughout the years, I have come to realize that even if your intention is to learn 3D sculpting like what I mainly do, having a strong foundation of 3D modeling is more than beneficial, especially if you learn want to learn sculpting in Blender.

3D Modeling is the first the a 3D artist should learn and have a strong grasp for when entering the 3D world, I wanted to make a course that filled that necessity. Also, not only will it be useful for those who want to eventually learn sculpting, it will prove to be useful no matter what sector you want to specialize in when it comes to 3D (sculpting, animation, rigging. rendering, etc..)

Are there subtitles in this course?

Yes, I included generated English subtitles in the course. Keep in mind since it is generated, it isn't perfect. If the subtitles aren't clear and you can't understand any part of the content due to that, please email me at

Which Blender version will be used in this course?

Blender updates quite often, adding features, improving things, fixing bugs, changing the UI at times, etc. For this reason, I highly recommend following any Blender course using the same version used in the course to avoid any potential confusion (especially if you are new to Blender). You can always switch back to the most recent Blender version after you finish the course, things taught in the course will be more than relevant to other versions.

It is of-course more than possible to follow the course using other Blender versions if you are experienced, but I don't see why you should, just use the same one.

The course is recorded using Blender 3.4.1 (Latest version at the time of the recording). A link to the exact version of Blender used will be provided in the course.

You can have more than one Blender version installed on you PC so you won't have to worry about uninstalling a current version you are using.

Is Blender Free?

Yes, the program used in this course is completely free.

Can I stream the content on Gumroad instead of downloading the video files?

Yes, after getting my course you can decide to either watch the videos by streaming on Gumroad, or downloading the video files if you prefer. Streaming it is ideal if you have a slow internet connection to download the files, or if you want to save some space on your pc/laptop.

You can turn on the English subtitles while watching the videos on Gumroad but clicking on "cc" button on the video media stream. You can also download the videos with the subtitles and use your own media player to watch the videos with the subtitles.

If you don't know how to turn on subtitles with your media player, it will be explained in the course using VLC, a free media player that I know how use.

This course is in $, your other courses are in €, how come?

No matter what currency is set on the course, the price will be shown in dollars and processed in dollars at checkout. This can potentially cause confusion when a course is set at a currency with a specific price, then you end up seeing a different price at check out.

This is why I decided to set my content to $ from now on. Sadly in Gumroad we can't change past products currencies, but in the future you can expect all my content to be in $ sign instead. I apologize if that causes any confusion, but rest assured you can get products with any currency no matter what currency your country uses.

Will there be updates to the course?

YES! I don't consider this course finished yet, and I have some plans to update it. There will be some small patches to fix some parts if needed, and bigger updates to add content. When I update you will be notified by email as long as you are subscribed to me on Gumroad, so make sure to do that!

Check the update log at the start of this page for more information on the course updates and changes. This will help you understand what changes with each patch/ update. If you already own the course, you can use that information to update your files when needed!

If there is something you think should be fixed in the course, maybe a video file that has sound issues or something, please send me an email at

If you have any questions please email me at, I will do my best to answer you ASAP :)!
Note: The price is excluding VAT, VAT price will depend on your country (you might not have any VAT depending on where you live)

I want this!

The ultimate course to start your 3D modeling journey for complete beginners with over 21 hours of tutorials in Blender!

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Introduction to 3D Modeling - Blender Beginner Course - New Update! (V1.1)

36 ratings
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